Associate Platform Engineer - Octave: Data and Advanced Analytics Centre of Excellence

Our business built over 150 years touches nearly every major sector of the economy. We generate a significant quantum of data and we intend to use it to build the future of our businesses. Our Digital and Analytics insights canpositively disrupt life for all Sri Lankans and our commitment to passion and excellence will help to deliver superior value to customers, our people and the community.

Octave will be the cornerstone of our data driven strategic and operational decisions!

Team Octave will solve JKH’s most intractable problems across industry verticals by building pipelines using Python and Azure data factory to work on one of the country’s richest data lakes, building and implementing complex machine learning algorithms which will impact millions of Sri Lankans.

Role Objective

▪ Drive reliability and performance of the platforms; monitor historical trends & KPIs for early identification & resolution of reliability issues

▪ Build automation tools and processes to provision/decommission cloud resources and make platform usage self-service

▪ Define and implement policies/procedures for operational/administrative management of applications, data and cloud infrastructure



▪ Act as primary point of contact responsible for overall health, performance and reliability of platforms and applications

▪ Develop tools to improve ability to deploy and effectively monitor applications/processes in a large-scale Azure cloud environments

▪ Ensure platforms are well architected to meet operational availability and cost optimization requirements

▪ Configure and maintain central monitoring platforms to perform daily health checks and provide support on monitoring platforms

▪ Manage new technology integrations into monitoring systems

▪ Provide event logging and historical repositories to aid in the investigation and prevention of incidents, problems and service quality issues

▪ Build automation scripts and tools for development teams to provision/decommission in a self-service manner



▪ Work experience: ~4+ years in building infrastructure automation and maintaining cloud based data platforms maintaining cloud based data platforms

▪ Education: Bachelors degree in Computer Science or Engineering


Skills & Competencies required

– Experience in managing high availability workloads and applications – Proficiency in programming languages (i.e. Python etc.)

– Knowledge of data structures, databases, networking, Azure cloud architecture, distributed application architectures, and web-scale technologies and related topics

– Good knowledge on infrastructure protocols to gather element-level event data, Infrastructure as code (IaC) to automate resource provisioning/decommissioning

– Proficient with data lifecycles and aggregation, reporting and web dashboards

– Influential, focused and versatile team player with proven ability to function under pressure

John Keells Holdings PLC
27 Apr 2024