Data Scientist - Octave: Data and Advanced Analytics Centre of Excellence


Our business built over 150 years touches nearly every major sector of the economy. We generate a significant quantum of data and we intend to use it to build the future of our businesses. Our Digital and Analytics insights canpositively disrupt life for all Sri Lankans and our commitment to passion and excellence will help to deliver superior value to customers, our people and the community.

Octave will be the cornerstone of our data driven strategic and operational decisions!

Team Octave will solve JKH’s most intractable problems across industry verticals by building pipelines using Python and Azure data factory to work on one of the country’s richest data lakes, building and implementing complex machine learning algorithms which will impact millions of Sri Lankans.

We are looking for driven and enthusiastic analytics practitioners for our Data and Advanced Analytics Centre of Excellence- Octave.

Role description

The Data Scientist will work as a core member of advanced analytics project delivery teams within the analytics Center of Excellence. This person will be responsible for conducting simple to complex statistical analyses using large datasets. They will be involved in building and re-iterating of advanced statistical and machine learning models. They will also work closely with an integrated analytics team including data engineers, translators and senior data scientists. They will be expected to familiarize themselves with a typical analytics project life cycle.

Key responsibilities

  • Conducts advanced statistical analysis to provide actionable insights, identify trends, and measure performance
  • Can build models using supervised/unsupervised learning techniques of varying complexity
  • Understanding of data engineering techniques and concepts like pilot testing and execution is a good to have
  • Collaborate with senior data scientists in building and delivering analytics models
  • Communicate results to technical audience within an integrated analytics team
  • Contribute to knowledge building and sharing by researching best practices, documenting solutions and continuously iterating on new ways to solve problems

Desired Skills / Competencies

Education + Technical  skills / experience

  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Statistics, Math, Operations Research, Economics or a related field.
  • Basic programming experience in 1 language
  • Theoretical knowledge of advanced analytics techniques
  • At least 2 years of relevant analytics experience
  • Experience in machine learning techniques preferred
  • Hands on experience in solving analytics problems in at least 1 industry

Managerial Skills

  • Ability to work well in agile environments in diverse teams with multiple stakeholders
  • Strong drive to learn and good organizational skills
  • Ability to effectively communicate complex analytical and technical content

Mindset & Behavior

  • High energy and passionate individual who can work closely with other team members
  • Excited about trying new solutions outside standard methodologies
  • Willing to adopt an iterative approach; experimental mindset to drive innovation


15 Jun 2024