Our Culture

Caring is one of our Corporate values and we believe it is a vital part in “Fostering a great place to work”. 

Our HR vision is to be “More than just a work place”; hence, we are very keen on ensuring that our employees gain more than just work experience at Union Assurance. 

As a preferred employer of choice within the insurance industry, we have adopted a unique culture that strives to provide a healthy workplace for staff.

In line with the HR Vision ‘Great Place to Work’ philosophy is a concept we incorporate to our initiatives; which includes creating a work-life balance in our employees that leads towards physical and mental well-being of the across our workforce.

Our Values

Values : Behaviour

Excellence : Strive for excellence in everything you do. Be the best you can be

Caring : Fostering a great place to work by supporting each other to  reach our full potential

Innovation : Improving constantly, reinventing and evolving

Trust : Building Strong relationships based on transparency and  convenience with internal and external customers

Ethics & Integrity : Doing the right thing always.

Our People Promises

‘We promise a Great culture to work in’
The corporate culture we envisage is one that promotes UA core values within a fun, friendly and flexible working environment

‘We promise Competitive remuneration and benefits’
There’s more to remuneration than just money; at UA we strive to provide equity between fair share of profits/pay combined with a unique set of benefits

‘We promise best training & career development’
We aspire to build a learning organization using best in class training & development practices whilst providing career growth to those best deserving

‘We promise a supportive and caring boss’
Our people managers will always take genuine interest in their team members to create a trusting and welcoming environment devoid of politics and favoritisms

‘We promise your voice & opinion matter’
As an inclusive organization, the management encourages and rewards suggestions whilst providing opportunity for people to voice any grievances

Our Awards & Recognition's

UA has implemented multiple recognition platforms to celebrate the success of its employees. The following reward mechanisms are in place beyond the compensation structure of the organization in recognizing the contribution of staff: 

  • Annual Awards
  • Service Champions Awards
  • Employee Recognition Awards 
  • BRAVO Awards 
  • Foreign Tours for Top Performers 
  • Life Insurance Marketing and Research Association (LIMRA) Awards
  • Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT)
  • Retirement Gifts
  • Industry Awards Ceremony